Month: November 2019

GoFish! Infographic - Respectful Communication - Gender-Inclusive Language: Rectangular in shape, GoFish! branded grey background. The categories appear on the left side of the graphic, each in a GoFish! brand pink box. Details appear in white font to the right of each category. The final category, Pronouns, is shown as 4 circles, GoFish! brand green, pink, yellow, and light grey.

Gender-Inclusive Language

Use this infographic to help you write in a more gender-inclusive way. Additional resources on gender-inclusive language: The United Nations Gender-Inclusive Language Guide & Tool Box: University of North Carolina’s Writing Centre Guide on Gender-Inclusive Language: TeenVogue’s guide …

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GoFish! Featured Tools Icon - A green circle and ring inside of a pink outer ring. Inside the circle is a white icon of a clipboard with one of three listed items checked off. To the left of the board is a white pencil icon, poised as if writing on the sheet.

Featured Tool

For a professional, well-written press release that will get results, use our Press Release Worksheet. It will help you gauge the newsworthiness of your subject, set goals and objectives for your release, and organize all the pertinent details to make writing an effective press release a bit easier. This tool is especially useful for anyone without any formal organizational communications training, as it takes you through the thought process of a skilled communicator when they are preparing a release. Just click the icon to the right to access the downloadable Press Release Worksheet.

GoFish! Blog Cover Image: Square in shape, GoFish! brand grey for the background. A white band appears within the top 3rd of the square. On the eft of the band is a stylized "4" in a green circle, which is inside a pink ring. On the left of the band appears the word "Principles" in all caps, pink sans serif font. Below the white band, in green font, are the words "of WCAG 2.0 to improve the accessibility of your online presence." The GoFish! pink logo appears at the very bottom of the graphic.

Online Accessibility in NS

It’s probably not news to you that Nova Scotia has set the ambitious goal to be fully accessible by 2030 under the Accessibility Act. Your organization has most likely already considered how to make your space navigable for several different …

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