Social Media

GoFish! Branded Services Icon - Featured Tool - Social Media Check-Up - White background, circle in shape. Pink ring frames the logo, encompassing a smaller green ring, and within the green ring there is a green circle. In the very centre of the circle is a white star-of-life outlined in grey, where the Rod of Asclepius in the centre is green with grey outline. The star-of-life is surrounded by a circle made of a white dashed lines, which is broken at the top, bottom, left and right, where four other circles appear. Those smaller circles are composed of dashed white lines connecting white generic people figures, signifying the internet. Within each of the smaller circles there are white logos for the following social networks: Top - LinkedIn; Right - Twitter; Bottom - Instagram; Left - Facebook

Featured Tool

Curious how your social media presence stacks up? Use our Social Media Check-Up tool to perform a mini audit of your current social media profiles and determine what you’re already doing well, and how you can improve to make your …

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