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Curious how your social media presence stacks up?

Use our Social Media Check-Up tool to perform a mini audit of your current social media profiles and determine what you’re already doing well, and how you can improve to make your online presence even stronger. Simply follow this link to complete the Social Media Check-Up: https://forms.gle/RzVgHS7nDdXjKe7H6

When you submit your check-up, you will receive an email from Google Forms. Click the purple button in the email to see your results along with feedback on how you can improve certain aspects of your social media. Once you’ve received your score, take a look below to see what your score means.

What Your Score Means:

If your score was 0 – 3:

Your responses indicate you may be struggling to get your social media up and running effectively. If you’d prefer to manage your social media in-house, your organization would benefit from tailored workshops on the basics of using social media and strategic communications planning. Follow this link to schedule a free one-hour consultation with Amanda to discuss how she can help you set and reach your communication goals: https://calendly.com/gofishcomm/freeconsult

If your score was 4 – 6:

It sounds like you’re in the process of building a strong social media foundation – good job! To take your online communications to the next level and maintain the momentum you’ve already created, schedule a one-hour Social Media Clinic with Amanda to review up to three of your social media profiles and receive immediate feedback on how to use them more effectively: https://calendly.com/gofishcomm/social_media_clinic Each clinic hour is $50 (+tax).

If your score was 7 – 9:

You have built and are maintaining a strong social media foundation – excellent job! In order to leverage this foundation and compound your success, schedule a free one-hour consultation with Amanda to discuss developing a comprehensive social media plan that will help you stay on track and harness the momentum you have worked so hard to create: https://calendly.com/gofishcomm/freeconsult 

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